San Marino Community Athletics Association

Flag Football 101

Posted Fri May 29, 2009 - 04:14 PM

General Information

• Players are divided into a 3rd/4th grade division and a 5th/6th grade division.
• Titan Stadium hosts our Sunday games at 4 PM for the 3/4 grade division and 5:30 PM for the 5/6 grade division.
• Each team has one weekday practice at Huntington Middle School.
• Players receive a high quality football jersey and shorts from the league.

Field Maintenance. We are fortunate to be able to play our games at one of the best high school facilities in Southern California. In order to retain that privilege we need to take care of the field by adhering to the following guidelines:

• No food whatsoever should be brought onto the Titan Stadium field, whether by players, coaches or spectators.
• Only water should be brought onto the Titan Stadium field. Specifically, no sports drinks or soda should be brought onto the field.
• Folding chairs with sharp legs that could puncture the field surface should not be brought onto the field.

Playing Time and Positions

• Each player must be given the opportunity to play a minimum of half of the game, measured by running time.
• In addition, during a game all players should be given the opportunity to play both offense and defense.
• During a season, coaches should seek to ensure that players get significant playing time on both offense and defense and in different positions, including at least limited opportunities at positions such as QB, running back or receiver.
• In particular at the 3/4 grade level, coaches should focus on ensuring that all players get significant experience at many different positions.

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